Friday, January 6, 2012

Reading Review Thursdays

Despite pretty good A1c's, and a long standing obsession with logging, we have become very slack. As I have allowed my son to take over more and more of his disease, logging has become a thing of the past.  He hates to log.  Asking him to do it was worse than asking him to clean his room. I knew that he would never, ever, never log when he grew up and moved out on his own so why was I torturing myself?

They say that when you are raising children, you need to pick your battles. For years, I saw this as a very important battle. It had to do with the health of my son. Analyzing trends was important.  As I have gotten older and more tired, my perspective has changed. I still look at trends but now I bounce more off of him. 
"How are your lunch time readings?"
"Do you find that you are high before going to bed?"

and in return I get...
"Mom, that high before supper was because I just grabbed an apple a half hour ago."
"Mom, I forgot to bolus that bowl of cereal before bed."
"Mom, I think I over guesstimated that smoothie."

This means that I have a general idea of what is going on and then ask if we need to make changes.  Now remembering full well that he had five days of "in range" readings over the holidays that included a 28, I only believe him so much. This has led me to rip off the "chicken Thursday" guy and create "Reading Review Thursday".  It is the day when my son has to pass in all of his meters and we review.  I have a piece of log paper. I do the logging (its a lot less painful that way).  When I see bumps, I ask questions and look at his pump.

I have "Reading Review Thursdays" marked on my calendar so that I don't make it "Reading Review...someday".  We have to get back into some habits. I have to continue to use these times as teaching moments so Thursday it is! Now let's hope I can stick to it!

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  1. that sounds like a great idea! i need to create Reading Review Thursday for myself. i originally picked friday, but i never did get around to it. i am going to start a habit of downloading my pump every thursday, and try to find trends and learn how to decipher the information given me. i suck at it :)