Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pancreatic Dynamic Duo

What was your reading?

8.1 (145ish).

Two hours after you ate...I did a great job as a pancreas this morning!

What? Who?? You? Excuse me, but I did a great job!

How do you figure that one? I calculate the bolus. I figure the carb to insulin ratio. I establish the basals and this morning I got it right.

But I push the buttons! If I didn't bolus I wouldn't be in range would I? That means that I am the good pancreas.

He had me there! You've got to love the logic and the validity of the argument!! "Okay WE make an awesome pancreas."  

He was okay with that but still felt that he deserved the bulk of the credit. I pray that one day he will take all of the credit and still will be doing a great job.  At that point I will know that he paid attention and learned well.  

For now? Well together we can be a pretty good pancreatic team! Despite the complaints, the grumbles and the missed tests, working together for the past three months we have again managed to keep his A1c under 7% and brought it down three points from the summer when he does the bulk of his own diabetes care.  Very proud momma...aka the other half of my son's external pancreas :)


  1. i love reading your blog, and wanted to let you know that you are doing a wonderful job raising your son to be an independent diabetic! having been a diabetic teen, it is a royal pain in the butt, but....he is learning and will one day look back and thank you for everything you have done for him. and you will say "aww shucks, you did the bulk of it!" and know you did all you could do to achieve this moment!