Friday, December 9, 2011

He isn't turning off the alarm clock!?!

The other morning I got up like every other morning. I turned off my alarm before it rang. I stumbled to the bathroom in an attempt to wake myself up. I waited to hear my son's alarm go off before I had to go in and kick him out of bed.
While I was washing my face, I heard the telltale "Beep, Beep, Beep!" of an alarm clock. I waited to hear my son turn it off.
And I waited.
And I waited.
What was going on? Why didn't he turn it off? Some mornings it will take a bit before he will bother to reach up and shut it off but as it gets more insistent, he always turns it off. Why hasn't he turned it off?
The beeping continued.
Panic began to creep in. He was high last night. I know he was. I tested and retested before I corrected.  He was low on insulin. There is no way he could have gone that low...could he? He was fine. Why wasn't he turning the alarm off?
I rushed to dry my face and put in my contacts. Of course because I was beginning to panic, my contacts jumped everywhere but into my eyes. I finally got everything together. I had to see what was wrong.

As I stepped out of the washroom I realized that the beeping was coming from my own room! While I thought I had turned off my alarm, I hadn't and since Larry was already up and in the kitchen, there was no one in the room to turn it off!
With a huge sigh of relief, I went to check on my son. As expected he was just waking up and looking at me wondering what my problem was. Oh my! What I do to myself!

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