Friday, October 28, 2011

Mom I did a bit of tweaking

"Can you bring me your meters please?"
My son came out of his room with three glucometers for me to review.

"Mom, I have made a few tweaks of my own."

"Oh really? What did you change?" I asked rather intrigued.

"Well I have been coming home low the past few days so I figured I should make some small changes and see how it goes.  I adjusted my basal rate."

Basal rates?  Those can be tricky.  "When were you low and what time did you set the adjustment for?"

"I am low at about 3pm so I brought the noon rate down a bit."

Holy cow! I am impressed. He had been listening and learning after all! "Are you sure its not a carb to insulin adjustment? How long after you eat does this happen?"

"I am not positive but this seems to be working. I was in the twos (low 40s) for a few days and today I was 3.8 (64) when I got home."

"Okay, keep an eye on it and if you are still low try the lunchtime carb ratio."

With that my son headed downstairs to have his shower. I was still in shocked and very impressed. He was taking charge of his diabetes care! He was making the changes as they needed to be made without my help and doing a great job of it.  My little boy was growing up!

I turned to the meters to see what else was going on that I didn't know about.
Ugh! Missed tests at school! One morning test out of four.  I was not happy. I reminded myself that he was making strides in one area. Baby steps, baby steps. 

It would be a miracle if he was actually doing everything he was supposed to.  I did not freak out completely. I did not take away privileges. I did suggest what could happen if he forgot again but for the most part I just tried to bask in the glow of the "Mom I did a bit of tweaking on my own".


  1. Good job! He is seeing patterns on his own and taking action. Impressive. Are you teaching him yourself, did he get educated from his CDE or did he just pick this up spontaneously hearing you comment when doing adjustments? Our DD always does temp basals but has never gone into the basals themselves.

  2. He has learned this after years of Mom telling him why I have made the changes I have. I have tried to teach him along the way and it appears...for now anyway, that some of it has begun to sink in.