Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another one bites the dust

My son came racing up the stair yesterday with a "get out of the way, I need to use the washroom" look.  I asked what was going on.

"My pump is sirening!"

Crap. The pump is new.  This is not a good thing. "What exactly do you mean by sirening?" I asked as the pump promptly screamed.

"Sirening." He stated. 

Well that was just not good.  I took a look at the pump and the battery life was on zero. I assumed that was the problem and put in a new battery.  All was good to go.  Catastrophe averted...or so I thought!

This morning my son was heading out the door as he bolused his breakfast.  Suddenly he came running back up the stairs.

"Its sirening again!"  Now that was bad timing! We quickly grabbed his old ice blue Cozmo, switched cartridges and sent him out the door.  The upside to this happening so close to the last Cozmo death was that the old pump still had close to accurate basal rates.

A few hours later I called Cozmo customer support.  A gentleman answered my call and suggested that the battery cap could have an issue. I reminded him that this pump was pretty new but he still said it could happen and that it had occurred in his own pump.  He said to put a new battery cap on, put in an empty cartridge and let the pump run for 24 hours on its own. If it didn't siren, then we could hook my son back up.  That worked for me.  I hung up and did as he suggested.  The pump asked to resume the breakfast bolus and I said yes.  It began to siren again.  Well, that was not going to do. I called the helpline right away.

This time I spoke with a woman. She asked me if I had spoken with D on a previous call. I said I didn't remember his name but I guessed that their staff was pretty limited and it probably was him.  She said, that the staff was the two of them. Since I had just called and the solution wasn't working, she was ordering us a new pump. She remembered the problem I had getting Sirius Black  (she was the woman who took my complaint about the slow service) and expressed her own dismay.  She said she would do everything she could to make sure that this pump was replaced promptly.  I was once again impressed by their customer service and began mourning the inevitable loss of this great pump company.

At the moment my son is back to using his trusty ice blue pump. He has Sirius Black up and running on air. He has bolused it a few times with no problems and began to worry.  "Mom, if we send this pump back and its not sirening any more, will they just think we are a bunch of whack jobs?" I assured him that based on past experience, the pump will siren again at one point and that they will not think ill of us for sending it back. 

For now we wait for the lastest replacement, wonder what color this one will be and say an extra thank you that the pump still under waranty. The thought that next year we will have to replace him with a completely new pump company still makes me sad but I will cross that bridge when it arrives...sniff, sniff.  

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