Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lessons from Death of a Cozmo

Things I have learned when our Lean Green Pumping Machine cracked for the final time and had to be replaced...
1. A break at the top where the cartridge goes in is a very bad thing.

2.  The emergency number for those of us still clutching to our Cozmos here in Canada is the US toll free number.

3.  When you call the toll free number they will tell you to call your doctor for a back up plan.  Call our doctor? We used our first Cozmo.  She was was my son because "my" back up plan is inject the basal amount via injection every four hours until we got our new pump (ideally within 24 hours).
4.  When you switch from the beloved green Cozmo back to the reliable ice blue, it would be a lot easier if the software still worked on newer computers.
5.  Switching from the newer Cozmo back to the older version requires the brains of at least two people. Mom programmed the first 75% and child user figured out the other 25% rather than get out a calculator and do math.

6.  "I think we are too late to get you this pump tomorrow" means be soooooo terribly glad that you have that back up ice blue Cozmo because it could be over seven tomorrows and three phone calls before the new pump arrives.

7.  When you are dealing with a pump that the manufacturer no longer makes, the Lean Green Pumping Machine can and will be replaced by the first pump that they can still find on their shelves.  On our case this means that we now are pumping with "Sirius Black"  (Thanks Rhon!). 

8.  Remember to keep cartridges for your old pump.  The number of tomorrows it can take a pump to arrive may not be as few as you remembered. Having your old Cozmo to rely on makes waiting for the new one so much better!
Our back up, Our dead Green Machine and the new Sirius Black all hooked up!

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