Monday, October 3, 2011

The lancet is thrown back

As you may recall, my son was going to have to do his own night testing this past weekend. I had to have day surgery on Friday and was worried about how well I could handle testing him. My son was less than impressed with the new arrangement but agreed.

Friday night came and I was literally up every hour.  He stayed up until 1:00am. I tested around 2:30am (because I was up) and found him low.  Thankfully the anesthetic wasn't impairing me too badly so I stayed up, read, and waited for him to come back up.  I eventually checked his alarm clock and noticed that he hadn't set it to wake up at three either way! He had felt that the 1am test would cover his night testing duty.  Wrong! I woke him up and told him that he was on the 7am test because I needed to get some sleep.  He reluctantly agreed.

Saturday night arrived and I again reminded my son to test. I was terribly sore and tired. I could really use the sleep. He looked at me with a pained expression and said "How much more of this do I have to do?"

I tried not to laugh. I reminded him that he hadn't tested Friday night because I had and I would make sure to do it on Sunday night so he had a decent sleep before school. I could visibly see the relief on his face.

Saturday night, he tested himself before he went to sleep. I woke up at about 2:45am and tested him. He was a little bit low.  Not seriously low, but not where I would feel comfortable. I gave him some glucose gel and went back to sleep.  He should have been up in 15 minutes to test.  Thankfully he was. I tested him again when I woke at 6 and all was fine.

Sunday night he went to bed with a look of joy in his eyes.  Mom was back on duty! He could sleep. There would no longer be the issue of setting an alarm.  He was safe for a few more months at least!

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  1. Ha! I cannot even imagine Joe setting his alarm to do a blood sugar check!! Here is to a speedy recovery for you Barb! xo