Monday, September 5, 2011


Fourteen. FOURTEEN.  Where did the time go? Fourteen years ago I was wondering when my child would arrive. He was taking his time...a forecast of a personality yet to emerge.  Things were done on his own time and birthing was no different.  Like his personality however, when he decided it was time, it was done.  No dilly dallying for him. The evening of September 5, 1997 he arrived to greet the world and change our lives forever.

As I said, he has lived the past 14 years on his time. He learns at his pace and when he decides to implement something, it happens.  When he decided to test, it was done...okay Mom got him to do it by saying she was really busy and could he please help by testing but he continued on his own after that.
When it was time to do his own infusion site changes, he waited until the last moment and then has never looked back. When it came time to taking charge of his own care...well he still stumbles but he still continues to make major leaps when I am at the end of my rope.
Today my baby boy turns fourteen. He is becoming a young man.  He will soon be taller than both of his parents and is giving his older brother a run for his money in the height department as well. His voice is changing.  His body has developed.  Girls quietly catch his eye more than they once did.  Puberty has given us a run for our money where diabetes is concerned but we have managed so far with minimal bruising.

I don't know where the time has gone.  We have come so far...he has come so far.  He is a wonderful young man. I have been blessed with terrific sons.  Today we will celebrate with gifts, and CAKE!! Gone are the days of angel food cake and whipped cream.  He has lived more birthdays with diabetes than without (12 to 2).  Diabetes has never defined him.  To him its a burden that he quietly bears but rarely allows it to get in the way of living his life.

We will have a black forest cake with all of that chocolate, cherries and cream as per his request.  The carb counts will be off but we will celebrate another year of living! Diabetes will take a back seat.  I will quietly look back on how much my baby has grown.  I will remember how much his body has been through and be amazed at how well we have done.  I swore to hand him a healthy body when he came of age and so far I am doing my darnedest to do just that.

Happy birthday 14 year old!!!

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