Sunday, September 11, 2011


School is back in full swing and Diabetes continues to annoy.  The other night, as I was getting ready to head to bed, I thought back over the past few months.  June was a low month. I could do nothing to get any control or a break from treating and dealing with lows.  July was in range. I received some respite and a chance to breathe for a minute.  August was high. There was no controlling the beast. No matter what we did, Diabetes messed with us through failed sites and just being Diabetes. 

Obviously I was not thinking well that night because I figured that based on this pattern I should see good readings in September and then lows in October.  Where was the logic there? I seemed to have been a bit delusional in my hopes of enjoying a Diabetes reprieve.  Reality was that night, my son had his first stubborn low...well since June! Can we say that I was sooooo not prepared?

I was exhausted. I was a mess. I woke up at 3 and was up for an hour trying to get him into a "mom can now sleep" range.  The next morning was school so there was no extra rest.  We also had appointments to deal with so I really was going to get no break.

The result? Bang! I was a wreck.  I managed to string words together. I managed emails to the schools that my children attend to address issues that have already arisen.  I refused to get too involved in any of these problems and prayed no one replied to me for a day. I was feeling testy and defensive. I didn't want to mess with anything.  By 6pm I could gladly have gone to bed.  I stayed up.  We watched TV and went for our evening walk. I was dying.

It was finally bedtime. I had changed my son's rates and prayed for a better night. He was high. I love this Diabetes roller coaster...NOT!

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