Monday, November 8, 2010

The Results of Nazi far

Its been a little over a month or so since I wrote about my decision to be a Nazi Mom when it came to my son's diabetes care.  He had not been testing at school, was lying about readings and his actions had basically scared the crap out of me.  I had revoked a lot of privileges for a week, made a new rule for him to text me each day and demanded to see his meter the minute he walked through the front door.

Well, I wish I could say that he started texting, testing and was instantly reformed.  He wasn't but we have seen some changes.  While he didn't always text, he was at least testing at least three times a day at school.  The testing amount is not as often as I would like but it beats no testing during school hands down.  I have learned to take small victories and this was definitely a victory.

He has been pretty good about bolusing (thankfully) and began to chastise himself if he forgot.  After forgetting a test or two and a bolus, he went through the house with yellow sticky notes.  The notes were posted in his room, by the computer and other places he felt he might be.  They read "bolus or die or worse" and "... test from Me or die".  I commented that he was a little extreme with his wording.  He just shrugged it off and said it was important that he do this period.  I left him to it. 

Each week (or more if warranted), we sit down and look at his log book.  If he knows that something is not working, he will come to me and say that we need to make a change. We are far from perfect at any of this.  I don't expect that he is now perfectly responsible. I do however feel a little better about him growing up and taking full responsibility "one day". 

He is occasionally paying attention to alarms. He gets himself up in the morning when his alarm for school goes off.  He can make some decisions regarding bolusing and correcting. He now makes sure that if he is low before going to bed that I am up to check on him in case he falls asleep.  Its been a long and painful process. I know we are not done but those small little victories mean so much at this point in our lives!


  1. Sounds like steps in the right direction. This will help me in years to come with Joe. Thank You.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I agree with Reyna. This gives me an idea of what to prepare for when my guys reaches this age.