Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just another night with Diabetes.

Then the sound of liquid hitting the toilet.
My son is high.
Its three in the morning. Of course he is high but he must be really high to have woken up to use the washroom.
I get out of bed as well.
"Have you tested?"
"No, my site has a blockage."
"Did you change the site?"
"No, its working now."
"If it said that there was a blockage, its not just going to go away. You are going to have to change the site."
"No, I am fine."  "How did you know the site was blocked?"
"It alarmed."
"It alarmed and you woke up????" Good heavens there could be hope for him yet! Nothing wakes this child up.
"Yes I woke up. I checked the tubing. There was a lot of air.  Must have been an air lock."

Okay Mr. Fix-it, we will see in a few minutes.

When my son gets out of the washroom, I am sitting on his bed armed with his glucometer. I pass it over to him and he tests. 28.6mmol (515mgdl).  I pass over the ketone meter.  This is not going to be nice.  Small ketones...and its 3am.  We both want sleep.

My son begins to correct for the 28.6.  Mom is still thinking that this will not work and we need a new site but what does Mom know? Oh, it turns out Mom knows a lot.  The correction stops.  "Blockage".  Its good to be right because I will feel better with a new site. The fact that we just put in a new site less than 4 hours ago makes me want to cry but since the cost of sites is currently covered by our provincial government, the financial pain is eased at least. It still hurts to know my son has to put another hole in his body...again.

"No more stomach.  We are doing a leg this time." I am told.

I also am told that I get to do the injection.  Why me? He does this all of the time.  I am guessing because its 3am and he figures I am a lot more used to being up at this time than he is.  Sad but true.

I jab his leg. 
He corrects.
He pulls up the covers and heads off to sleep.
I shuffle across the hall to do the same.
I will wake to test again soon.
The site is good.
Its just another night with diabetes.


  1. Who needs sleep? We had a nice scary 2.3 on Halloween at 1a.m.,turned down the pump to zero for an hour,daughter ate a granola bar and juice, took awhile to get back up.

  2. Yep...another night-in-the-life for sure. How old is your son? My son, Joe is 7. I cannot imagine ANYTHING waking him up. He sleeps like the dead!

  3. Reyna; my son is now 13. He has slept through fire alarms. Nothing wakes him up. It terrifies me. I started last summer making him wake up to his alarm clock. Maybe that with age has helped. Hang in there! This is a first for us!!

  4. OK..so maybe in 6 years Joe will wake up - LOL. He sleeps as hard as he plays. Have a great night!