Monday, July 22, 2013

Bull's Eye!

For days since my son has been home we have been working to get his bg levels straightened out.  We have been testing and questioning. Was the ice cream we had bolused correctly? Does he need a site change? That is a new site. Is it bad? What about that steak dinner we ate at 7pm? Is that causing a problem? How intense was that workout? Did he over compensate for activity? The list of question and possibilities were endless.  A concrete answer was much more elusive.

We decided to change his basal pattern. Imagine my surprise when I saw that he was using a “school” basal pattern.  What the heck? Did he accidentally switch when he was making changes over the phone last week? He was sure he didn’t.  I was at a loss but quickly made the change back to our “weekend” aka “vacation” basal pattern.  As I moved through the days of the week, I realized what had happened...weeks ago, when school was ending, we changed his rate over to all “weekend” BUT he had one day of school to do.  It was a Thursday and we left that day as a “school” day because it was! Unfortunately we forgot to change it over and all Thursdays since had been the wrong basals.

All was fixed. The basals were all as they should be.  I made a few small adjustments and life should be perfect!


What to do? We waited to see if the changes would take effect.

They didn’t.

We changed the site again.

We were out of ideas and my son was running way to high for my liking.  He felt okay but was getting tired of my telling him to test for ketones. It was time to break down and do an early site change.

The new site was put in.  A correction bolus was given. We continued on with our evening. We didn’t have to wait long to see results.  By the end of the movie we were watching, his readings were dropping back into range.  I tested 3 hours later...he was 6(108)!!! Wow! That was awesome. We hadn’t seen a six in a few days! I worried that we may have over fixed things. Would he drop? Two hours later I tested again.  He was 7.1(129).  This was amazing!!!  In range!  Perfect readings! Happy, happy dance!!!!

Could this really last? You betcha!!! When I got up a few hours later he was 6.7(121).  It was  a night of pure perfection! We had conquered diabetes for one night. His basal pattern was bang on! We had hit a bull's eye!! Tomorrow may be different but I will take the victory while I can!

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