Monday, July 25, 2011

FIVE seconds will do it

As my son ages, I am desperately hoping that he will wake up to treat his highs and especially his lows. Extreme highs are no problem--he gets up to use the washroom or vomit without any difficulty.  At that point, I am usually also awake though and asking him if he tested.  He normally hasn't but has the look of "Mom, I know I am high and I have other things on my mind right now besides exactly how high I really am."

Lows are another story. I am impressed by him occasionally smiling back at me when I go to test him and taking the lancing device away from me to do it himself. More often than not however, he is sound asleep and nothing wakes him low or no low.

Last night we had the following conversation about night testing...

Son:  Did you hear the thunder last night? It woke me up!
Me: GREAT! So did you test when it woke you up? There could have been a reason that you were awake so its a great time to test.
Son, looking at me like I had three heads:  No. I was only awake for a few seconds and then went right back to sleep.
Me: It only takes FIVE seconds to test! You really should test when you wake up. Its a good habit to get into.
Son: Yeah, well that's what I would usually do but some how I forgot last night. It must have been the thunder that messed me up.

Of course the last line was said as he quickly moved on to another room, praying that I would not follow.

Oh the fun of them growing up! Independence brings so many worries and diabetes just adds to the pile.

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