Thursday, July 7, 2011

Does Diabetes Effect your sleep? What sleep?

Hours before I returned home to be able to access a new cell phone for my son, he got his to work. I cannot tell you the relief in just knowing that I can now call him or get a text when there is a problem. My poor oldest son is probably quite sick of hearing from me and most likely helped to get the temperamental phone fixed! Either way, my stress level has dropped down a notch and I have actually begun to do some strange new sleep!

A while ago, I came across an article that asked if Type 2 diabetes effects your sleep?  Thankfully I do not have to deal with Type 2 so I could not answer the question from that stand point. I do of course know how Type ONE diabetes impacts my sleep...It kills it!

Eighteen years go, I said good-bye to uninterrupted sleep when I became pregnant with my oldest son.  Things did not improve with his birth.  He was a horrible sleeper.  He was not a typical newborn and seemed determined to take in everything that was going on in the world now! With age, well he was still a terrible sleeper.  Nights saw him up at least once or twice.  Nothing helped. 

For some reason, this did not stop me from having another child.  When my youngest son was born, his big brother still was not sleeping through the night but this new little angel was.  I was shocked! I could not believe my luck! I still had one up through the night but it was better than two.

That period of euphoria ended quickly when Diabetes moved into our house. I read of "Dead in Bed" and knew that no matter when my oldest son slept through the night, I would never do so again.  I frequently test my son multiple times during the night. If I wake up for some reason, I will test.  My first line of thought is it gathers information and information is power in fighting the Dia-beast.  My second line of thinking is of course that there is a reason I am awake and my son could be in trouble!

I have passed this second line of thinking on to my son now that he is away. During a recent conversation he told me that he had woke up at the horrific hour of 7am.  He felt terrible and knew he was high.  He tested and corrected. He also went back to sleep for another five hours.--no sense getting up too early!  The point was that he had woke up, tested and dealt with the demands of diabetes. I reminded him that any time his body (or a stray dog) wakes him at night, he MUST test.  There could be a reason that he was awake and it could be very important. I don't expect him to get this yet but the fact that he is starting to actually implement some of the things I have taught him over years gives me hope.

It gives me enough hope and peace of mind that I have actually been sleeping while he is gone. Its not a full night but pretty close.  Close enough in fact that this morning I began to worry that I won't wake up when he comes home and will have to set an alarm.  After all of these years, I don't think it will really be necessary. I know when he is home, I will be "on" again.  I will be waking, testing, and back to the old game plan.  In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the fact that Diabetes is not here to effect my sleep!


  1. give me hope that someday Joe will wake due to his numbers. Currently, he sleeps as hard as he plays, which is sayin' something.

  2. Reyna, my son is/was the same way. This change has only occurred in the past few months and while away from Mom. I am hoping for both of us!!