Friday, July 29, 2011

But I found my bracelet

My day began at 6am. Our flight was at 9 and I knew how much time I needed to get organized. At 7:30 we were waiting for our cab...who took its dear sweet time.  By 8:30 we were standing in a line to check luggage that headed out the airport door. Would we make it on time? Yep,we had time to spare.  The flight was cancelled! We spent the next three hours finding a new flight to get out that day and trying to get our money back for the cancelled flights. 

After a morning in the airport, we finally made it to our security call.  We had our boarding passes and IDs in hand and headed to the dreaded security check.  They sent Larry off to the regular room and my son and I headed off to a small room on the side. I wondered if we were being singled out for a reason.  The dreaded little room was just another part of the regular security check. 

I put our bags on the x-ray belt and told the security guy that my son's diabetes supplies were in the bag. We had syringes and other supplies, did he need it opened? He said that that was fine.  He turned to my son and asked him if he had any metal objects on him. I said his pump clip.  He then yelled out to the guy on the other side "Hey! He has an insulin pump on his belt."  I was really impressed at how knowledgeable they seemed to be about pumps and the supplies we needed to carry.

My son went through with little difficulty.  Shock of all shocks, I went through with no problem.  I always have jewelry that sets things off. This time was a breeze! I was shocked and said so.  The lady said she was waiting for things to go off too but I was good to go!

As we left the screening area, we looked for Larry.  I mentioned to my son how shocked I was that we cleared security with such ease.  He said, "yeah.  I thought my chains would set it off too but then I remembered that I took them off and left them on my dresser."

HOLD IT! Stop right there. Try not to blow a gasket..."You left ALL of your chains on your dresser? You are wearing NO necklaces? As in you are NOT wearing your new Medic Alert necklace?"  Breathe, breathe, breathe.

"Um, no. I thought it was causing a rash on my chest so I took it off."

Again, working to breathe, "You thought it was causing a rash.  You knew that we were travelling a long distance.  You knew that you would be away for over two weeks, AND you left your Medic Alert jewelry behind?  It is not causing a rash."

"Well, I did find my old bracelet. The other day."

"And you left that behind as well?"

"Um, yeah."

Thankfully for my son, we found Larry at that point and listened to his tale of going through security.  Of all of us, I would have thought he would have had the least problems but he was beginning to think he would be down to his underwear before he got through.

I continued to glare at my son.  I could not really punish him because there was nothing to "take away".  All I could do was work to breathe and tell him that NEVER, EVER, NEVER was he to EVER take off a Medic Alert item again!!!

He won't listen. It will happen again. He said he should get a tattoo. It would be easier.  He is a lot too young right now but its looking like the only viable day. Or he could grow up! Oh my!

Thankfully the day did get better as we are now at the Friends for Life Canada conference and I have already had a chance to hug and chat with so many wonderful friends.


  1. maybe there is something you can get when you arrive to your destination? Some pharmacy's sell medic alert bracelets that will just say diabetic on it. It could be useful just for the time being at least.

  2. Barb, can't wait to meet you!! and Cara also traveled this weekend without her medical id!! :)

  3. Thanks for the drug store idea. Its that or permanent marker on his forehead!

    Drop by the registration booth Nicole. I would love to meet you :)

  4. Would it be possible to carry an extra med alert bracelet when you travel? I know they're expensive but it could be an easy fix.

    Have a great time at FFl.