Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 6: Diabetes Pics

My favorite day of the week...its Saturday and all I have to do is dig around for some of our coolest diabetes shots (and try not to repeat last year's pics!).

Relaxing amidst the Rufus and Ruby bears we gave to children with diabetes.

Testing on the streets of New York City

A day spent with just some of our amazing diabetes "family"

Sometimes you just need a little down time...but the supplies are close at hand in the white cart.

With age come creativity!  The "Diabetes Boat" has tape for his infusion sets, wipes, a diabetes pencil and other diabetes supplies.

A cartridge change among friends

No matter where we go, the test kit is always with us.


  1. Love the boat and the changing amongst friends pix Barb. Also, it was cool to see him grow so much in these pix.

  2. I enjoyed your pictures...thank you for sharing! I especially liked "a cartridge change among friends" :)

  3. I loved seeing his growth! The last picture is so true. My meter has gone EVERYWHERE WITH ME!