Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Diabetes Goes Camping

For the Labour Day long weekend, we decided to pack up the new travel trailer and try our hand at camping.  Larry has sold the cabin and decided to see if he liked camping. This was our first trip out so I knew that there would be glitches.  Getting used to dry camping, making sure we had enough dishes, and remembering everyone's toothbrushes were just a few of the challenges we faced. 

We knew that Diabetes would be coming along so my son packed a number of supplies that he knew that he could keep in the trailer.  He also packed the supplies that he would need for the two nights we would be gone.

We had insulin, test strips, two infusion sites, batteries, meters, glucose tablets, and more.  We were pretty well set.

In keeping with the summer, Diabetes made its presence known quickly.  Our first evening was quiet.  We drove forever to find a spot and then fought the mosquitoes for the right to stay there.  We eventually won and settle in to enjoy our first night in our "home away from home". 

After a movie and a game of cards, we hit the hay.  Two hours later I awoke to my son getting up.  This was not good.  He had changed his site before bed and my gut said it was bad already.  He tested.  He was high.  He swore that the site was working. I didn't think so and gave him a correction via syringe.  He went back to bed only to get up again. He was still high but coming down slightly because of the injection.  I made him change the site. 

We now were down to one infusion set.  Why didn't I pack four?? One a day might not be enough.  Why didn't I think of this? I had spare insulin and tape to hold a site in place but that only worked with a good site.

Because he was still high, I had him correct again. I then became paranoid.  Yes he would be insulin resistant because he was high but what if I over corrected? What if I killed him in an effort to save him? Did I get too aggressive? I went to bed with fears running rampant through my mind...remember that I am the worrier! 

Two hours later I got up again and checked on him. He was not on death's door.  He had not gone low. He had not even come into range yet but he was headed there. The site was working.  Back to sleep I went for an hour or so.

The next day was filled with exploring and enjoying company.  We had a family barbecue and the evening ended with full bellies and another movie.  I held my breath as I waited for what Diabetes would bring this night. Would he be high again? 

No, he was a little low.  I fed him glucose tablets but we did not have a straw.  He had requested that if I treated a low with tablets that I at least make him drink water afterwards to get rid of the taste in his teeth and braces.  We have called this his "glucose hangover" and much like a regular hangover, he is not fussy about the experience.  Unfortunately with no straw, I could not get him to drink without waking him.  Sleep won over and I apologized in the morning.

All in all we were relatively well prepared for our first camping experience.  The boys seemed to have fun.  We have a new list of things to add to the trailer and will work on the pack up and returning home routine.  I am hoping however, that Diabetes learns to be a bit more behaved on outings if it must continue to come along.

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