Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A "Diabetes Day"

Out of nowhere, my son turned to me and said "Mom, I think its about time I took a Diabetes Day."

I had no clue as to what he was talking about. Diabetes is an every day kind of thing. Why do you need a special day dedicated to it?

"No.  A Diabetes Day.  You know like Joe said?"

Ah, a poor pitiful me day! A diabetes sucks and my life is horrible day! I remembered!

"Are you going to run over a meter?"  I don't know why but I have issues with killing an innocent meter even if its for the betterment of my son's mental health. It just seems weird.

"I might."

Great!  "You realize that you can't play video games all day.  You have to lay in bed, watch movies and feel sorry for yourself?"

"I can do that" he tells me.

"Its nothing but ice cream all day and don't forget to have your friends call and tell you how wonderful you are."

"I have to have friends call me?"

"Yeah, remember? You are supposed to have them call you every hour at least and tell you how special you are.  How tough it must be for you.  How amazing you are to go through this diabetes routine every day. They are supposed to pile on the compliments and the pity like there is no tomorrow."

"Oh yeah, I forgot.  Maybe I'll hold off on that Diabetes Day thing for a little bit more."

I simply shrugged and told him it was up to him.  Inside I was letting out a sigh of relief that a meter would live for another day.

When he is ready for a Diabetes Day, I guess I will have to see what I can do to make it happen for him.  In the meantime, we will just stick with Mom doing some of his care when he is tired of it. That seems to be working for us at the moment.

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  1. LOVE the idea of a DIABETES DAY! Glad that you can rest easily knowing the meter will make it another day. Thanks for this post...it started out my day with a smile. xo