Thursday, September 13, 2012

When a Sandwich is just a Sandwich

Yesterday my older son came home from school to have lunch. The college he is attending is only a few minutes away so he decided that a heated lunch here would be preferable.  

It was strange to be standing side by side again as we cooked our meal of grilled cheese sandwiches.  We have lived apart for the past two years so I cherish every moment when he is around. 

We soon sat down and began to eat.  As he was eating I found myself counting his carbs.  I wanted to tell him to bolus 77 when I stopped myself.  This is my non-D child.  He doesn't  have to bolus.  He just eats. 

I watched him finish his meal and text his friends.  He was unaware of the fact that I had been watching him. I was enjoying his presence but I was also saying a quiet thank you that so far, he still remained without diabetes and therefore carefree in his eating and other parts of his life. 

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