Monday, July 16, 2012

The Meter Ate It

"Why are there no readings from the time you woke up until an hour ago? I asked you specifically about testing more than once today. What happened to the readings?" 

I was going through my son's meter, which I have been doing each day, to check for patterns and see if some of the highs he experienced while away were due to carb counting errors or if there were changes needed. 

"What? No readings? I know I tested.  Well, I know that I tested before supper. I told you the reading. It has to be there. Maybe I used the other meter. Let me check."

Of course the other meter produced no tests either. He reminded me that he had told me his reading before supper, which conveniently was a perfect 7(126).  I reminded him that he had lied before; and I thought to myself, you lie with perfect numbers because I have lectured you about the dangers of me making changes based on false numbers.

He continued to swear his innocence and give me his best Bambi look. I wasn't falling for it. I suggested that perhaps we needed to go back to him showing me each time he tested so I could verify that it actually happened. He continued to state that there had to be a test in his room somewhere. As I left his room I suggested that he find it and bring it to me when he did. 

I walked down the hall shaking my head.  Raising children is not an easy task--ask your parents and your grandparents.  Raising teens is a bigger challenge. Raising a teen with diabetes? Well they tell me we will both make it through and I will look back going "Wow, that wasn't so bad."  In the meantime, I guess I will be triple checking my son's glucometer for the next little while.  

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