Saturday, July 21, 2012

Give him an Inch

I stumbled into my son's room at 3am.  I grabbed his meter and tested. He was 18(325).  What the??? He was almost low a few nights ago.  He was a little high the night before but this is more than just a little high. What was going on?

An eye looked back at me. "Do you feel high?" I asked. 

"No" He mumbled from his bed.  

I checked his pump and he had corrected at 1am.  What was up? I asked him and he made some sort of excuse. I looked a bit closer. When was his last site change? BINGO!

The site reminder said he should have changed his site two days ago...around the time of the mysterious increases in bg levels.  Did said son do this? No, he pressed ignore and continued on with his XBox game.  

I have been obsessing over his testing. I have randomly checked his meter. I have made small tweaks BUT I did not write down on my calendar when his site needed to be changed (I am sooooo going to miss this feature when we have to give up our Cozmo).  Mom not nagging plus son ignoring equals a bad site that was causing unnecessary highs.  

Moral of the story...Mom needs to be more on the ball checking readings and noting when sites are to be changed followed by harping until those sites are actually changed.


  1. Have you considered OmniPod? It expires at 72 hours and stops working at 80 hours. It keeps reminding you until you change it. There's no getting around changing sites in time!

    Just a thought :)

  2. He has no interest in an Omni Pod and personally,from what I have heard, it is missing way too many of the features that we have come to love. I know we will have to give up some when our Cozmo dies but the fewer the better. Thanks for the suggestion though!! I do like the idea :)