Friday, February 11, 2011

Sorry Diabetes, there is no room for your suitcase

So we are getting ready to go away for a few days. No not to a warm place but to "enjoy" the snow.  Sounds like a bit of a misnomer to me but to the guys in my life its a little piece of heaven! I will admit that I enjoy the peace and the beauty of the white landscape.

To get ready to go involves the usual--pack clothes, pack extra clothes for when the first set is wet, pack the dogs, their food and leashes (they love to run away when they go away), pack up the homework, and pack up the equipment for the snow.  Then there is the packing for those of us who are experiencing aging--pack the medication, the moisturizers, and other preventative devices.

Since we are taking diabetes with us, it refuses to stay home alone for some reason, we have a few more items that need to be packed.  There will be extra test strips, the ketone meter, a few spare sets, extra insulin, spare cartridges, spare meter, glucagon, glucose tablets and some juice. Yes, people normally have juice in their fridge but when I am stumbling around in someone else's house at 3am, I like to have a quick source.  I know, my friend Jen recently reminded me that we should have tablets for  lows, but being the horrible parent that I am, I haven't had a chance to stock up the supplies.  Yes, we have probably been low on tablets for at least two weeks and I have been to the pharmacy but I forget.  There are tubes that are still full for travel and puberty has made low treatments few and far between so it wasn't a real emergency.  On the upside, Jammers were recently on sale so I can grab a box to take with us.

I love going away. I love taking a break from the house, the office and the work that piles up on a daily basis.  I love the fresh air and the change of scenery.  I will enjoy spending time with my guys.  I hate taking Diabetes with us. It is annoying and requires a suitcase of itself. I really wish it would learn to stay home by itself...or better yet take its own permanent vacation out of our house!

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  1. Ditto sistah! I would LOVE for "D" to vacation somewhere else...away from our family! HAVE FUN!!!!