Monday, February 21, 2011

Do Not Disturb

Leave me alone. I am not awake.
Yes you are.
No, I am sleeping. Its too early to be awake.
You are awake and you know what you should be doing.
No, I am not awake.  I am merely rolling over.
You know that you are awake for a reason.
No, I am awake to get a little more cuddly in this warm bed.
You know that you have to get up.
He tested only a few hours ago. I should be able to sleep a little longer.
But you woke up.  You know that you wake up for a reason.
Yeah, its called the need to use the washroom but I am good right now.  Sleep sounds perfect.
You can't really fall back to sleep.
Watch me.  What's the worst that can happen? Don't I deserve a night of real sleep?
Do you really want the answer to that one?
Ugh! Okay, I am getting out of bed. See my feet hitting the floor?  See me stumbling out of my room and into my son's?  See me testing his hidden finger?---CRAP!I told you.

Once again that little "thing" that wakes me up in the middle of the night was dead on. My son's blood glucose level was 3.3(60).  Time to dig out the juice and my book.  Let's hope I don't wake up too much before I get to go back to sleep.

Thankfully he came up quickly from this low but of course my mind was "on" by the time I hit the pillow again and sleep was far away. Diabetes does not like me to sleep. It wants me to look tired and haggard.  That is not the truly scary part though (although many who see me may think otherwise).  I seem to wake up, just knowing that my son needs to be tested, but rarely does he wake up sensing that anything is wrong. That scares me. I hope that, like feeling his daytime lows, he will one day begin waking to these night time emergencies.  Until then, I really should quit fighting that voice that wakes me up but sleep is so terribly inviting!

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