Monday, June 28, 2010

My life in Chaos

I apologize still for not getting back to part two of the diabetes walk. It is coming but I believe it deserves my full attention and at the moment, I am experiencing extreme attention deficit disorder!

For those who don't know, we are in the middle of a major move of home, office and kids. I think that this is the biggest step I have ever made because of the impact on my children.  Me moving is no big deal but when you have other lives to consider? Well things become a little different.  Nonetheless, I decided that this was right for us and now I am in the middle of it all!

Despite making this decision quite a few months ago, the final details were only completed a few days ago.  I have had to sell off furniture, pack, get doctor referrals and finish a school year all in the mater of days! 

I think I have done a pretty decent job.  We were packed and ready to bring yet another load of "stuff" to our new home (which is nine hours away) the day after school closed.  No panic there! We made it however and the trip once again was interesting.  For a change, I don't think I forgot anything.  Another new twist was that my son ran high for most of our travels.  We have gotten very good at increasing boluses and using what we have called a "travel basal" but something is currently off.

First though, as we taking our huge drive, we stopped at a restaurant because my children foolishly insist on being fed! As our waitress came over, my son had his meter sitting on the table and was preparing to test. The waitress was completely interested. "Is that a new meter?" 

"No", I answered, "its an Ultra Mini.  We have it in about five other colors."

She was impressed and stated that her niece was diagnosed at two and a half.  I said that he had been diagnosed at the same age.  She then stated that after much misdiagnosis, her husband was diagnosed at 29!  We discussed the fact that there was just no good age to have such a terrible thing happen.

Its been a bit since we had that sort of interaction but they are always great!

We left the restaurant and continued along our way.  My son continued to run high.  What was up with that? It must have been all of the french fries.  More travel basal, more water, more insulin.  The next day we experienced a pretty normal day.  He had one reading around 10 (180).

This morning I got up and heard his pump alerting. It was a low cartridge alarm.  Lucky for him, it was just alarming so I was only so choked. I still made him get up and deal with it.  I was not happy to see the reading just under 30 (540).  We corrected. I have no idea where the ketone meter is and my pharmacy was out of ketone strips before I packed to move.  Yes Mom is frustrated.  

An hour later, more testing.  He is down to14 (252).  More insulin and he is holding his own.  He couldn't eat breakfast because he was nauseous.  Mom is so happy.  He has crashed on the couch for a bit.  More banging of my head.

I am sure he is growing.  He is heading for two weeks with his father though and I am really at a dilemma as to what changes to make before he goes. Chances are he will be a lot more active.  If this really is growth hormones, well changes should still be made. We will be in constant cell phone communication but still can't diabetes take a summer vacation please? We have dealt with enough of this already!!!

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