Sunday, April 18, 2010

My teacher tried to take away my pump!

"Mom! My teacher tried to take my pump away today."
"Yeah, I was in class and my pump went off. I had a low battery so I took it out to turn off the alarm. She walked by and said I'll take that!"
"What did you do?"
"I said, No problem but its kind of attached!"
"What did she do?" 
"She looked at the tubing and then turned around and said Oh."
"Hasn't she seen your pump before?"
"Nope, I usually have her right after lunch and don't need to take out my pump."

Well I guess we know who gets a "Bad Mom" award this week. School is almost over and I never did get around to having the in-service for my son's school.  It was to be done at the beginning of the year because we were getting three new teachers on a staff of about seven.  The teacher that would be handling my son's class however was not hired until almost Christmas.  We were going to do it just before Christmas.  We were going to do it just after Christmas.  I guess we will do it next year! 

It is all my fault.  I have only two children to worry about.  The principal has entire school to deal with.  He has other issues to deal with...okay so do I but diabetes is pretty high up there on my list.  In my defense, I was having a lot of difficulties with my son's academic behavior at the beginning of school this year and his diabetes care was a battle between the two of us.  I really didn't have the extra energy to keep fighting to educate everyone else. 

Yep, bad, bad Mom.  This same bad, bad mom has to do a presentation this week to a class of students wishing to be teachers' aids.  I have my work cut out for me.  I supposedly did a great presentation last year.  I know we took up a lot of time, no one was bored and they seemed to learn a lot.  You would think that I would have kept a presentation like that since it went so well.  Well you can think it but I have taken apart my computer and found log books from six years ago but no presentation from last year on dealing with a child with diabetes in school.  Darn!

Tomorrow its back to the drawing board.  I have to remember what they should know, what they are required, what they may want to know, and what they should ask about. Wish me luck!

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