Friday, April 9, 2010

My ideal glucometer

I am quickly going out of my mind. I know its a very short trip but I have been going through an ongoing battle with my son and I am losing it.  I am the logging queen. I must see numbers, readings, activity and food written down.  I want to get a visual with a pen. I want to be able to make marks and notes all over the page.  I want to look, calculate, examine and make decisions based on what I can see on pages of paper.  

My son is not a logger.  He is fine with testing, bolusing and will most likely grow up making changes based on what he knows or remembers.  He is much more relaxed and casual about such things.  This means that when Mom requires data to be written down its a battle of wills. He will put things off for days and days.  When he does finally sit down and start to copy information down he tends to miss a lot and take hours and hours to do.  My nerves get fried.  Life goes downhill fast. 

I have decided that maybe a great meter would be my answer.  I am getting bored of the meters we have.  We have a Contour but I don't like using it at night because there is no backlight.  My son likes it because there is no coding and I admit that is a great selling feature for me as well.  I loved our Freestyle meters but they went through batteries so quickly.  The Nano allowed us to mark readings as post-meal or pre-meal readings but their awesome lighting also is a drain on battery power.  There is the Ultra Minis.  They come in awesome colors but again I have problems testing at night with them and hate how they suck up blood.  Someone suggested going back to the Ultra Smart.  I am thinking about it. It allowed us to input all sorts of great stuff. It had cool graphs that might work with my son. You could put in carbs and exercise.  The downside was it does not allow for the extra small bolusing that smart pumps now do.  I don't know. I think someone should create a wonderful new meter for control freak moms and lax teens. 

The meter would have the "cool" features that make teens text day and night. Instead of texting they would be engaged enough to note bolus amounts and food intake.  It would let moms see trending and make basal or carb to insulin changes.  We would all be happy. The backlight and 3am testing would be a cinch. Batteries would not die after two months of real use.  It would not be the size of a suitcase.  It would not require coding.  Blood would be attracted to it and a small drop of blood would be all that was required. The meter would have great colors to further attract the kids and make parents smile.  They would be unique enough that you would want to take it with you everywhere. You would not lose it because you would just have to bring it along. 

Yep a meter with the appeal of an iPod or a cell phone.  Ah the wonderful dreams! Too bad we don't have any of these things. Back to fighting over logging and grumbling about meters at 3am. 

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