Monday, January 23, 2012

"Good" is not a number

Does this happen in your house?

"What was your reading?"

"No, what was your reading?"

"I don't know but it was good."

Arggghhhh!! "Good is not a number. Good is a four letter word.  Yes, "four" is a number but good does not necessarily mean "four". "

At this point, my son usually looks at me like I am completely insane.  If I am lucky he has figured out that I would like to hear a real blood glucose reading and not his generalization of his take on his reading. 

"10.0" (180)

"That is not good.  That is actually a bit high since you just woke up and should technically be under 7." 

"I like it. Its good for me. I think 10 is a good number."

"And that is why good is not a number. What you define as good and what I define as good are not the same."

The teen years can be trying enough, but a teen with diabetes? Well he may well tip my sanity scale! Time to buy some more hair dye to cope with the dozen new grey hairs he just caused me.  


  1. Stacey, some days I would gladly put him in a box and ship him to you but he does keep life interesting :)

  2. It's funny because I did the same thing. It drove me crazy when my parents would ask what my number was because I felt I knew what was best and I knew if I told them anything they would be upset and I have enough guilt in my life, I didn't feel like I needed someone else to make me feel bad too. But now I know they were just trying to help.

  3. sometimes i find myself saying the same thing to my husband.
    him "how was your blood?"
    me "good" OR "not bad"
    for me, i thinks it's because he usually asks this question hours after the fact(he's a truck driver), and there is nothing he can or could have done about it. i'm not sure he really gets it anyway, even after 30years of living with me !!i love him to death, but... hahah!