Sunday, June 21, 2009

You have to love friends who get it!

This weekend my son had a friend spend the night. They had such a good time that when the boys went to their father's the friend joined them. When his mother called for him to come home the young man asked if he could spend the night there. His mother agreed. It was raining and the boys had come in for the night anyway.

Before the young man's mother hung up she asked if Liam had tested. She heard "I was just about to do that." She told the boys that she would wait to hear the result. Liam tested and told her he was 10(180). She said, alright then and let them carry on.

Today she told me about this and said "Gee,nothing like a second mother,huh?" I laughed and told her to keep it up. He can never have enough people that care!! Besides, until I get that CGMS I will take all of extra help I can get...and even after!!

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