Monday, February 24, 2014

FIFTY YEARS of diabetes!

Over the weekend I was sent a link to a blog post.  That is nothing unusual. I regularly get links to articles on how to cure diabetes, the evils of sugar, and how to deal with my erectile dysfunction.  This article was different however. It was from a man I had met online years ago.
I truly don’t remember how exactly our paths crossed. I have used his online store at times for various diabetes related supplies. I have promoted the things that he does and follow the newsletter that he sends me on occasion. I know that he was helpful in promoting and working on changes to both the Disability Tax Credit and the insulin pump program in Ontario.
Despite all of this, we hadn’t personally connected in quite some time.  I was therefore very pleased when I received a note from him over the weekend.  It turns out this incredible man who lives with diabetes, is now a Certified Diabetes Educator, successful businessman, and a pharmacist, is also celebrating FIFTY years living with diabetes!
Fifty years! Imagine that! What does fifty years with diabetes look like? How much have things changed? He seems to be healthy and thriving.  How has he done it? Was it “easy” for him? Does he have a wonderful support network? What advice does he have?
Tino Montopoli answers those questions and many more in his open letter to people living with diabetes. I encourage you to read it in his entirety.  It will move you. It will surprise you.  And personally his best advice for anyone, living with diabetes or not is “Never lose sight of your family and friends. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help. Follow your heart and passion to do what you want to do. Never let diabetes stop you from following your dreams.” There is so much more that he shares and so much more to inspire you about life as well as life with diabetes.
Thank you so much for sharing Tino! Please go to Diabetes Depot to read his complete post and if you are looking for a great source for diabetes supplies, check them out as well!
Tino is presented Joslin’s 50 year medal by Dr. Bruce Perkins

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  1. Wow! That is amazing! Fifty years living with diabetes is surely not an easy thing! This only goes to show that with proper discipline, a proper outlook in life, a positive attitude and faith in ourselves, we can also live a long and happy life even with diabetes. All it takes is a change in perspective and losing the negativity.
    Tim Crawford