Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bolus for that!

Our life has been a little chaotic of late. In between boxes, garbage bags, and piles of "things" looking for their proper place diabetes has taken a back seat as much as possible. Maybe that's why it really hit me the other morning...

I was sitting at the table enjoying my morning coffee. Breakfast had been made for both boys.  Their lunches were packed and waiting for them on the counter.  My youngest had finished his meal.  I gave him his carb count and his insulin had been dosed as he ate.  

He got up from the table and put his dishes in the dishwasher.  On his way out of the kitchen, he noticed the box of Timbits on the counter from the night before.  His hand darted into the box and he popped a little morsel into his mouth.  I yelled out to his back "Don't forget to bolus for that!"

That is when it hit me...he could not just walk by and grab a snack.  He had to bolus for each piece of food that touched his lips.  I know that this is nothing new.  This has been our lives for over 12 years.  Despite that it still managed to make me stop.  My heart broke a little bit more.  It was such a natural act...and for him so was the grabbing of his pump while grabbing his donut hole. 

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