Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Fair and The Eye Roll

It was once again time for my youngest son to join his peers and do their annual end of the year trip to the the rain! At the end of each school year group of kids that he knows get together, head off to the local fair grounds, eat, go and rides and have fun for as long as their bodies can handle it. 

Last year I was a little freaked. I didn't know the kids that well. My son was alone in a city! We had previously lived in a rural setting for all of his life.  He is  terribly private about his diabetes and I worried how well he would manage himself with friends around.

Somehow a year has passed and once again my son informed me that his group of pals were heading out to the fair again.  They were meeting at a friend's house at 4:30pm.  I didn't expect them to be finished until late that night. I was right.

Before he left the house, we went through the list...
Glucometer? Check.
Test strips?  Check.
Lancet? Check.
Glucose tablets? Check. Hold on, let me fill those for you...followed by "Mom" and an eye roll.
Cell phone? Check.

As we got into the car he also looked for the most important! He was good to go.

We arrived at his friend's house and as he was leaving the car I was yelling out instructions.  He had closed the door and I was rolling down the window...."Don't forget to set a lower temporary basal! You will be doing a lot of walking." 

Again, with the eye roll as he hurried to the door hoping to get inside and away from my hovering sooner rather than later.

When he got home we went over his testing.  "What do you mean you only tested three time?"

"Mom, I wasn't gone that long."

"You were gone seven hours!"

"Yeah, Mom, that is one test every two hours AND I tested before I did any major walking. I didn't eat and I was okay."

I couldn't argue. He was right. Testing every two hours is something that I really can't complain about.  The fact that he stayed out and had fun? Well that is the absolute most important part but it is still hard to let go...even if he seems to be doing okay when he has to.

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