Saturday, August 27, 2011

The time for a cure is NOW

Last night I lay in bed wearing my DRI "Cure" t-shirt and wished for a cure more than I ever have. 

We were headed home after two weeks on the road.  Diabetes had kicked us pretty hard as I will explain in upcoming posts.  We were on a boat and had a 14 hour crossing ahead of us.  I brought up insulin, an infusion set, and syringes.  I thought we were all set. 
A site change was past due. When we settled into our cabin for the night, I had my son do a site change.  A few hours later I awoke to him getting up to use the washroom.  Either we had yet another bad site or he didn't bolus enough for his earlier snack. I rolled over and went back to sleep confident that he was taking care of things.

An hour or so later, I could hear my son up yet again.  I knew that things were not good. I got up to hear the splash of him vomiting into the toilet. CRAP! This was not good.  I dug through our supplies and quickly realized that I had left my glasses down in our vehicle.  Squinting, I looked for syringe and insulin. I also tried to find a new site...there wasn't one.  Crap was quickly upgraded to another four letter word!

I injected a correction and my son began to apologize for waking us up.  I wanted to cry.  I told him that it was not his fault.  It was diabetes.  It sucks but there was nothing we could do to prevent the site failure.  He said that he had tried to creep around but had banged about a few times. Again, we said that there was no need to worry about it. We would worry instead about getting his readings down.

We all finally nodded off back to sleep. I could hear my son breathing across the room from me and knew that he was finally resting. He had said that he was coming back down before the injection so hopefully between the two he would be good to go. That's when I laid down and thought it was ironic that the shirt I was wearing to bed that night said "CURE". 

I have never held out a lot of hope for a cure.  My son has.  After two weeks of diabetes doing all it could to curtail a lovely family vacation, I really want it gone. We have put in our time. I can only imagine what it keeps doing to my son's body. Its time for a cure. We have waited long enough.

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