Monday, September 6, 2010

Preparing myself for Back to School

Yes, its preparing Mom not preparing child.  Getting the child ready was simple.  It involved one shopping trip and far too much money.  The cell phone has been upgraded.  School clothes have all been bought. New shoes have been purchased in a larger size.  Books we had already but pens, glue and and other items have been bought and stacked to head off to school next week.

Mom on the other hand has been dawdling beyond belief.  Despite talking about sending your child with diabetes to school and despite helping other families with their preparations, I hate this part of the school year. I am surrounded by documents that must be printed and edited.  We are heading into a new school, my son is now a teen and my hair will all be grey any moment now.

Its all my own anxiety.  I have been in contact with the school on more than one occasion.  They have been very accommodating and will be meeting with a nurse even before I enter the building to begin to try to understand what is required of them.  Personally, I am nervous about a nurse meeting with them on this issue without me being present.  For those of us who live with diabetes, we know how individual this disease is and I am hoping that general statements are not taken for absolute fact. I am also not sure how often he/she has been dealing with Type 1 diabetes in recent years. 

The principal is still very open to meeting with me on the issue and discussing Liam's specific needs.  The secretary has asked for two copies of a letter stating the accommodations required for Liam.  I told her that I usually do up a booklet for the teacher who will be with him most of the time and would gladly make her a copy.  She was quite happy with that.

Thirteen is such a joyous age and diabetes does not make it better.  Children are becoming young adults and they want their independence.  I fear how much I can truly give a child with diabetes. I know that he will be an adult and such but no matter what his age, he may still need help with a low.  No matter what his age, he still needs someone else to administer Glucagon.  No matter what is age, he still can't see properly when he is high.  I just hate those facts.

I will ask that my child be allowed to test in class. He is most comfortable there and misses less class time. This is something that was allowed in his other school so I am sure that we can work it out here.  They are encouraged to bring a water bottle so that covers that problem.  He is old enough to bolus based on the carb counts that I send to school, so again, this will not be an issue.  I will bring instructions for Glucagon and hope that they will consider using it.  They are close to a hospital but just in case, it cannot hurt.  I will also be sending him to school with his cell phone.  This may be a bit contentious but I feel its important if used properly. I have already warned him that it is ONLY to be used to call me if he is high/low or questioning what to do about something.  It would also be used if he was low and could not ride the school bus or considering the length of time I now anticipate him on the bus, a high may well warrant a ride as well.

Its been two days since I started writing this. I have a pile of papers all around me and nothing is finished. I have a box that I purchased to put his emergency supplies in. He swears the old box is here somewhere but I haven't seen it all summer. I hate back to school. One of his old teachers has spoken to the new principal.  Everything is in very good hands...I am still a mom. I have mom anxiety.  Going to school should not cause such stress but I guess it does for every parent especially those who are sending a child with a chronic illness or condition into a new classroom setting.

Okay...I will get these documents in order and updated. I will...soon.

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