Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am "supposed" to be going through school policies, getting notes in order, preparing for a conference at the end of the month and thinking about preparing for my son to go back to school in a new school in September.  In case you did not know by now, I am easily distracted. 

Tonight I was going through a notebook trying to decide what is important and if I should be using it to make new notes on schools and school policies.  Before I found anything pertinent, I came across basal rates from November of 2004.  We were using rates of .2 units per hour.  His highest rate was .4.  His A1c was 6%.  Life was good.

I can't complain too much because so far his A1c has remained under 7% but with puberty and independence getting in the way of Mom's control, I am not sure how long I can maintain such good results.  I will do it as long as I can don't get me wrong. This momma does not give up easily.  My son's health is on the line here and I will teach him to look after himself.  I know he will do what he wants when he is not around Mom.  Years ago I learned about something called "metabolic memory".  What this means is that for every year of good control I have maintained, his body will remember for another seven years and protect him.  This hopefully means that I will not have to subscribe to the website and hone up on my knowledge of kidney disease anytime soon. This gives me warm fuzzy thoughts and peace of mind.

He is no longer that 27kg little boy.  He is now a 100+ pound young man who is rapidly stretching and will soon look down on me.  At that point the only thing living in the house that won't look down on me will be the dogs! Where did the time go? From basals of .3units to basals of 1.15 and increasing. His carb to insulin ratio used to be 30 carbs to one unit--now its 6 to 1! 

Would I like to turn back the clock? No not really.  He is becoming more independent. Its painful to watch but its good for both of us.  He is becoming his own person.  That is scary to watch but interesting as well. Imagine what I will be saying in another six years? No, I can't even go there. He will be about to turn 19! Legal drinking age.  Out of school.  Onto university. Hyperventilating!
Oh yeah, I have six years to prepare myself. Thank heavens! For now I will have to prepare for a vacation and then a new school. There is always something!

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