Wednesday, July 7, 2010

They are stalking me

Its been a week but I think I am done the bulk of the unpacking and junking.  Trying to keep an office in order, make that two offices, and find space for everything in a home that already has everything has been a challenge but we are winning.

Today I finally found my way to Liam's bed.  The room is not as complete as I would like.  There are many added touches to be made over the summer that will make it his.  All of the supplies have found a new home...and my heavens he does have a lot of supplies! I found all sorts of meter cases and lancets (although not all had meters to go with them).

The most amazing thing for me to unpack was his old toys.  My son has reached an age where he is no longer as into his Lego, Connects or other "kids' stuff".  He likes his video games, quad and a variety of other more mature "teen" things now.  He decided to bring his kids toys with him so that he could sell them.  We had a huge tote of Lego and another filled with Connects.  Yesterday I began going through things and putting the toys in bags to sell in a garage sale at a later date.  As I grabbed handfuls of Lego I found handfuls of test strips.  I had already cleaned out this box! How did they get back there? I grabbed another handful...this time it was a dead insulin cartridge. Later it was a carb count listing from a school lunch! You can see you my afternoon progressed. 

I persevered and left a pile off to the side of garbage and wayward items.  Imagine my shock however when in that wayward pile was a Medic Alert bracelet belonging to my son who happens to be about 900km away?? I hope he is wearing something but I guess it will soon be time to break down and by him a good necklace to wear before school...or more travel.

The joys of teen boys!

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