Friday, July 10, 2009

Pizza really is evil

People always discuss the evils of pizza. When we were on NPH years ago we didn't have that problem....well until his honeymoon ended and then I began to see issues where previously there had been none. I still thought I had pizza pretty well handled. We used an extended bolus and life seemed good...except when in New York and dealing with their pizza. There just seemed to be no bolusing for it.

Well its been years and now I am having a new "pizza" problem. We use the extended bolus with great success for the first four or more hours. Readings are in range. I am a happy camper. Liam is a happy camper. Life is great! Then we hit the 8 hour or so after pizza mark and things begin to get ugly. Eight hours! Who would think!!! Last night he was 6 (108) four hours after pizza. I thought we had things beat. By 10 pm (we ate the pizza for lunch at around 1pm or so) he was up to 24(432). I couldn't believe it. It wasn't the other food that he had eaten because that was pretty normal and I am sure the bolus was accurate. By 1am he was down to 21 (378) but this just seemed crazy. I really hate diabetes. A lovely family lunch turned into a Mom meltdown by 2am. Ah the joys!


  1. It's the fat. He's metabolizing it all evening, and it comes back to bite you ages and ages later. I do 1-2 pieces and it still comes back to bite me later, though with a temporary basal I can lower it a bit. Wouldn't do the temp basal without the CGMS, though.

  2. We use a temporary basal as well...wish we had a CGMS but it just never seems to be quite enough. It does do a good start though