Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Another Diabetes Blessing

Last night I rolled over in bed, put my arm near my face and went...YUCK!

My son had dropped insulin on my arm! I was laying in bed when I realized that we had forgotten to reset his basals back to "school days" after 10 days of Easter vacation. 

He made his way into my room with pump and site change gear in hand. I told him that I just needed his pump but he said that his alarm had gone off earlier so he might as well do both. 

Holy cow! Was it a full moon yesterday? It must have been because his site change alarm went off AND he changed it the same day??? This was beyond belief! We did the site change, fixed the pump and he was on his way but unknown to me, he had left me that present...a large drop of insulin.

After my initial "YUCK!"  I had to laugh to myself.  Before diabetes moved into our lives, that smell was reserved for the opening of a BandAide brand bandaid.  You knew that the cut was safe and sanitized. Now it evokes new images of syringes, cartridges and life saving liquid. 

The smell is still rather disgusting when it arrives in the form of a puddle on your arm as you are trying to fall asleep but without it...well its definitely a blessing more than anything else.

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  1. Jacob always seems to neglect to tell us that his alarm had been beeping throughout the day that his pod needed to be changed....nope...he likes to wait until me and his dad are fast asleep and then he "springs" it on us. Yes, nothing like jumping out of a deep sleep to trying to pry your eyes open to getting a new pod ready. :)